How to remove or Uninstall an antivirus product?

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How to remove or uninstall an antivirus product?

If you are already using an anti-virus and wants to install different antivirus, it is important to uninstall the current anti-virus running on your computer or other digital devices. Running two antiviruses on the same digital device like laptop, computer, tablet etc causes problem, as they block the working of other, resulting in providing poor protection to your digital devices.
VSupport LLC TechExperts advice you that if you want to have an ultimate experience of protection without causing anyother problem uninstall the current anti-virus program to install the new antivirus.
1. Uninstall through the Start Menu
The easiest way to install an antivirus program is through the built-in uninstall feature of program itself. For this,
•     Go to your windows Start Menu.
•     Find your antivirus program in the list of programs.
•     Highlight your antivirus program
•     A list of options will be visible, look for uninstall option.
•     Click the uninstall option, follow all the steps and prompts to complete the uninstallation process.
2. Uninstall through Add or Remove programs
The second easiest way is to utilize the Add or Remove Programs utility in Windows. Windows users who are either Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, or 10 users.
Follow these steps:
•     Open the Add or Remove Program utility in Windows.
•     In the list of all the programs, find and locate your antivirus program and select it by clicking the left mouse button.
•     Now the selected antivirus program will show and Uninstall option on the column header, click the uninstall option to initiate the uninstall process.
     Note: Make sure that you have uninstalled all associated parts of the antivirus, then reboot your computer and install a new program.
If you're unable to uninstall the antivirus through Add or Remove Programs because of an error, hop to uninstalling from Safe Mode. If the antivirus program is not itemized in the Add or Remove programs, you may have a bad antivirus install or a rogue antivirus.
3. Uninstalling from Safe Mode
In some cases, the uninstall process will not be processed because the antivirus program you must be using will not be currently loaded and running in Windows. If you are unable to disable the program, uninstall it from the antivirus in windows Safe Mode.
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